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Amenity Wifi

Offering an unmanageable WiFi service has it risks, since reputation of an unreliable connectivity can spread quickly. A managed WiFi service, on the other hand, offers a low cost option that allows establishments to offer this amenity to their customers with the service monitoring and assurance that matches the quality of large scale carrier WiFi deployments./b>

Wi-Fi is everywhere. And no category of Wi-Fi is growing faster than amenity Wi-Fi—that is, free, complimentary Wi-Fi. Increasing consumer demand for Wi-Fi at retail locations is spurring business and venue owners to offer Wi-Fi as an amenity rather than a pay-as-you-go commercial service and venue owners are finding this is good for business. With number of enternet enabled smartphones expected to reach 400m by the end of the year,free Wi-Fi access is set to be a major draw for shoppers.

We provide added extras like data capture, using networks to monitor customer flow, and coming up with new and innovative ways to enable Wi-Fi to make money for your clients.

Amenity Wi-Fi isn't happening just at food, drink, and retail establishments. Hospitals and schools offering free Wi-Fi now—and even some hotels and airports are doing so. Those travel venues used to charge some of the highest prices for Wi-Fi access, but increasingly they are switching to free access. Now car dealers, tire centers, lawyers' offices, and even long tail businesses such as hair salons, fitness centers, and doctors' offices are adding free Wi-Fi—a welcome amenity in places where subscribers may find themselves spending time waiting.

 Login Page allows for standard Terms of Use, that user has to Accept, and then is granted access to Internet, i.e. Secure connectivity with "Click and Go" Terms of Use agreement.
 Registration process to control use of free WiFi via user id, passwords, and other credentials.
 24x7 Network Monitoring that provides a Managed WiFi service.
 Location Owner notification of service issues and troubleshooting with predefined escalation procedure.