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Wifi Hotspot Billing Software For Efficient Management Of Your Hotspot Business

With our Net4Guest or PrismOSS, you even don’t need to install the software on client computers. You just install it on the server and control all the computers from one computer. It serves you adjust time and bandwidth usage on each computer. It limits the download and upload rates according to the command given.Users are required to enter login and password before getting access to Internet. It serves you many purposes including billing, user statistics and logs and detailed reports, giving you complete control on all the computers and their usage.

It is the best option for all the hotels, libraries, ISPs, Airport networks, and other big networks.It is also Windows compatible, it can be installed on any standard Windows PC. It also has a user friendly interface, enabling you to manage billing conveniently.WiFi hotspot Billing software provides web based login to each client. Therefore, each client is pushed to the login page to enter username and password. Operating systems and Internet browsers of different kinds can be used on the client computers.

The software creates user accounts with username and password for each prepaid customer. These accounts are time bound, which means that when the quota ends, user can access Internet again, but after buying additional Internet time. Therefore, it also serves you to add extra time to an account. If you want, you can also create account with unlimited time. Only bandwidth control is also possible. Expiry date is also created, which means starting from the first time login, the account will be expired in some days even if some bandwidth is remaining in users account.

The software enables you to shape traffic management on each computer independently. Bandwidth can be configured for each client in Kb/s. This bandwidth represents the Internet speed for each of your users. Therefore, you can set high bandwidth traffic for the high payments while low bandwidth for fewer payment accounts.You can also configure a bandwidth quota with the help of this software. A bandwidth quota is actually the total amount of traffic, in Mbytes, purchased by an account. For example, your prepaid customer has 20 MB available for 2 hours. If bandwidth ends and the customer has time still left, additional bandwidth can be added on customer’s request