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Captive Radius : Hotspot Management System with Radius Server

Captiveradius server enables hotspots providers easily and profitably offer wireless Internet access (WiFi and PPPoE) to customers, while eliminating the overhead associated with customer provisioning, authorization and accounting.

It’s EASY to get total control of your WiFi, give free access to your users or they can purchase vouchers. Provides centralized hotspot connectivity, billing and management solutions for broadband providers, including cable companies and telcos, reduce the challenges in deploying and managing a public Internet access (hotspot) offering across a large geographic area by providing central management and location-based billing and marketing services.

The solution provides centralized AAA functions by interacting with a secure RADIUS server. It supports portal-based user authentication using PIN numbers, usernames and passwords and has the ability to create configurable billing plans and tariffs for each hotspot, or common plans for a chain of hotspots.

This is a completely web-based service so there is no need to install any software on the client PCs. The webpages also allow for sufficient branding space to increase mileage. It has a powerful admin functionality which can be used to view usage statistics, calculate bandwidth usage at each hotspot, generate monthly revenue reports and calculate revenue share between partners.

CaptiveRadius software benefits are:

  • Easy Installation
  • Web Based Management
  • Highly Customizable
  • Subscriber Self-care module
  • Full compliance to standards and devices
  • High performance
  • High Availability and reliability
  • Scalability
  • User friendly GUI
  • OSS made easy for WiFi
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AAA radius server

 Create free or paid prepaid vouchers, decide your own price and settings.

 Use a postpaid voucher to charge your customers later after they finished using your Hotspot.

 Accept Credit Card payment directly from your hotspot login page.

 Customize your hotspot login page to suit your needs, you decide what you want your customers to see.

 Both prepaid and postpaid WiFi vouchers have their own plans, think of it as template for your vouchers.

 Choose the download and upload speed limit for every plan.

 Present your customers with printed out prepaid or postpaid vouchers. Print one or many vouchers all at once.

 CaptiveRadius enables you to create and manage all of your hotspots in one place with ease.

 Besides printing vouchers from pdf, you can also export them to a spreadsheet.