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WiFi Solution for Hotels - we provide the best in class 'wifi setup for hotels'

The Hotel WiFi connection your guests expect. The reliability you need.

Whether it's a brand new installation or an upgrade of your existing network, We can provide your hotel or motel a total solution tailored to your brand's requirements for HSIA. We provide hospitality Wi-Fi services such as hotel wifi software, guest support, hardware installation and maintenance, proactive monitoring services, guest access and billing management, and more.

We have the complete solution for HotSpot billing and HotSpot management in your hotel. Our wireless hotspot solutions do not use a profit sharing arrangement. You own your own wireless hotspot. That’s the way it should be

We offer Simple and effective Hotel WiFi Management solution that lets you provide free wifi or sell it to your guests. Flexible wifi hotpsot solution allows you to issue tickets, use Paypal, swap wifi for Facebook Likes...tailor a solution for your application. Do it professionally and on a budget. Cheap and effective wifi solutions. Our solutions include Marina WiFi, Hotel WiFi, Conference Centre Internet and Pub / Hospitality, Healthcare, Sports Venue, Town and Community, and Holiday Park Wi-Fi systems. We supply a complete solution, from our own designed Net4Guest Wi-Fi billing and management system, network monitoring platform, payment processing systems and content management systems.

hotel wifi solution

How Hotel WiFi Software Works:

Upon accessing your hotspot, guest is automatically redirected to your self-branded login page (captiveportal). To get the Internet access, guest may login with an existing account or signup for your services: by paying with a credit card or PayPal, by charging the bill on the room number, or by enter a voucher ticket. Entire profit is 100% yours.

ActivePrism's solutions for hospitality enables the following key capabilities:

  • Visitor Access Log as per TRAI Regulation
  • Brandable login pages and differentiated service pricing, with an organized hierarchy for easy manageability
  • Centralized authentication, billing, and customer registration systems and reports
  • Flexible service plans across locations, within premise
  • Integration with hospitality loyalty program
  • Property management systems (PMS) Pre-integrated with famous PMS in the market
  • Industry standard features like pre-paid voucher management, zero configurations, guest management etc., required in hospitality segment.

We offer a customizable, flexible platform that enables hotel IT staffs to quickly and easily modify the service based on daily events, conferences or select promotions. Our solution can also be deployed quickly, taking only hours to install rather than several days or weeks.

Modules we offer

  • WiFi hardware includes Accesspoints, wifi routers
  • Wi-Fi hotspot and Wired Internet Billing software
  • Interface your WiFi billing with your hotel PMS
  • Connect with a WiFi vendor that is reliable and stable
  • Ensure your maintenance staff is adequately trained

A comprehensive Hotel WiFi software package will ensure you keep staff intervention to the minimum as the process of accessing WiFi is fully automated and keeps guests happy. Cost of accessing the internet or WiFi is also automatically posted to the guests account in the PMS and simplifies billing at your front office.

When evaluating Wi-Fi for your property ask yourself these questions:

  • How many residents used your pool today? 5?
  • How many residents used your gym today? 10?
  • How many residents used the Hotel wifi today? Everyone !

It’s time to improve the way you experience the Internet while adding a vital amenity to your property. Forward-thinking property managers and owners are looking to ActivePrism to bring wireless Internet to their properties. WiFi connectivity makes a property more attractive, competitive, and more modern by enabling users to make use of high-speed Internet services that are fast and easy. With simplicity, reliability, and efficiency at our core, we are revolutionizing wireless delivery of Internet services to communities of all sizes.

Benefits for Hotel Operators:

  • Assist hotel managers in increasing occupancy rates
  • Improve customer / guest loyalty
  • Strengthen hotel brand image with customized portal
  • Provide Internet keys for easy, secure authentication
  • Charge for access on a per room basis, or offer access for free for a flat monthly rate
  • Integrate with the leading Property Management System (PMS) for consolidated guest billing
  • Generate additional revenue by enabling new business services