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  • 1. Till recently, hotel Wi-Fi access per night was less than 20 percent of the available room nights - not the actual room nights rented. Now hotel Wi-Fi access per night is well over 80, if not 90 percent of all the rooms rented. Those subtle differences in how things are tracked change the whole game a lot. Today, leisure travellers are known as heavy bandwidth users, while normal business guests are considered moderate consumers. Due to the influx of handheld / mobile devices, average leisure travellers carry at least three net devices for their vocation. Hence, a family of four could have as many as 12 devices in a single room. Multiply this number by 100, 150 or even 300 guest rooms, and the number of connections becomes a little overwhelming – enough to crash any unplanned network. If all log-on to the hotel’s network simultaneously, even the best network could experience major strain, causing guest frustration and ultimately, dissatisfaction.

    The solution for above scenario is by using Activeprism’s Net4Guest Software, the guest can be allotted specified bandwidth and even FUP can be implemented

  • 2. The list of handheld / mobile devices are multiplying day-by-day. New devices with much higher capabilities and BW requirements are appearing in the market. Many hotels are increasingly coming under pressure by the flood of these net enabled systems (like, iPads, smartphones, eBook readers and portable gaming devices), arriving the hotel as guest devices. Little they have realised that this trend towards BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is gaining momentum and this is going to place a big burden on to the hotel networks. Further, modern gadgets like Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, travellers pocket router, etc are changing the economics of how hotel Wi-Fi is being abused.

    To overcome such issues, Net4guest provides QoS and bandwidth management functions in hotel wifi network

  • 3. Recently, I was called by one of my old client for troubleshooting one of the unique issues they were facing on their Wi-Fi. The hotel offers Free Wi-Fi as one of its prime attraction. Despite having the best Wi-Fi coverage and well worked out backend Internet Bandwidth (BW), they were routinely getting negative feedback from some of their guests – specially from foreign leisure travellers. System logs revealed that each one of them consumed several GBs of data during each day of their stay – still complaints? Since there was no BW throttling, the guest felt that Free Wi-Fi means, unlimited BW, unlimited downloads!

    Whether your Hotel is interested in improving Wi-Fi coverage, internet speed, login simplicity, security or even reducing costs, Activeprism would love an opportunity to present some options.Every Hotel is unique so every solution is customized to meet the needs of that particular Hotel.Whether you choose to charge your guests for Wi-Fi or give away unlimited free Wi-FI, Activeprism has a solution for you. We have a range of different login gateway's available which are customized with your Hotel's branding.

    With every new enquiry, we like to sit down with you in order to get a gauge of what you are looking to achieve. Our technical team will conduct a full site survey of the property and we will come back with a cost-effective solution and quote.