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Guest WiFi Solution for Hotels - we provide the best in class 'WiFi setup for hotels'

Activeprism Technologgies offer customized, professional WiFi solutions for hotels and conference facilities.Business Travelers now enter hotels with multiple devices and hospitality venues must give them a stellar Wi-Fi experience and self-service tools to enhance their stay

Hospitality venus want to provide these guest a better than home Wi-Fi facility to increase positive reviews about their hotel.these trends not only give hotels an oppertunity to exceed guest WiFi expectations but also to engage and reward them for loyality.With Activeprism, Your guests expect fast, easy and seamless Internet connectivity throughout your property, with a great Guest WiFi experience

We can provide the answer with Net4Guest, WiFi Management software - flexible Internet connectivity solutions that can be configured to your specific requirements, for all guest service locations, Wifi or Wired.With seamless roaming between areas and multiple payment options it couldn’t be easier for your guests. What's more, with the latest tiered bandwidth capabilities you can be confident you are cost-effectively managing your available bandwidth and providing a quality and fair service to everyone.

Net4Guest Wi-Fi lets your customers and visitors enjoy faster guest Wi-Fi and in a single, managed, highly secure solutionCustomers across a wide number of industries—including retail, hospitality, banking and petroleum/convenience stores—are turning to “amenities-based” guest Wi-Fi solutions to help improve customer service, increase customer engagement, and gain more traction with point-of-purchase promotions.

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How Hotel WiFi Software Works:

Upon accessing your hotspot, guest is automatically redirected to your self-branded login page (captiveportal). To get the Internet access, guest may login with an existing account or signup for your services: by paying with a credit card or PayPal, by charging the bill on the room number, or by enter a voucher ticket. Entire profit is 100% yours.

ActivePrism's solutions for hospitality enables the following key capabilities:

  • Customer Survey
  • Visitor Access Log as per TRAI Regulation
  • Brandable login pages and differentiated service pricing, with an organized hierarchy for easy manageability
  • Centralized authentication, billing, and customer registration systems and reports
  • Flexible service plans across locations, within premise
  • Integration with hospitality loyalty program
  • Property management systems (PMS) Pre-integrated with famous PMS in the market
  • Industry standard features like pre-paid voucher management, zero configurations, guest management etc., required in hospitality segment.

We offer a customizable, flexible platform that enables hotel IT staffs to quickly and easily modify the service based on daily events, conferences or select promotions. Our solution can also be deployed quickly, taking only hours to install rather than several days or weeks.

If you have similar goals, ActivePrism can enable you to leverage your existing private network connectivity to safely support public Wi-Fi access or to deploy individual networks to separate guest Wi-Fi traffic from your corporate applications.

When evaluating Wi-Fi for your property ask yourself these questions:

  • How many residents used your pool today? 5?
  • How many residents used your gym today? 10?
  • How many residents used the Hotel wifi today? Everyone !

Analytics reports provide data into the behavior of your guest users; which includes aggregate demographics of opt-in social Wi-Fi users such as age, gender, and loyalty; and social profiles or contact information of users who have opted into loyalty programmes; and anonymous presence statistics such as footfall and dwell times and daily, weekly or monthly trends.