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We provide innovative and revenue-bringing mobile marketing solutions for mobile operators, advertisers, media, portals, and other service providers. We combine mobile technology know-how, solution-oriented service design and planning in a unique way, giving our customers a wider choice of marketing options and a better competitive edge.

Using this new media, our business customers can build up their brands and create services to support the marketing and customer care they provide for their own customers, who use their mobile terminals every day in all of their communication. Further benefits involve increased customer loyalty, and the obtaining of new customers.We offer unique and carefully designed applications that are based on open standards and implemented on a reliable technical platform.

These applications help our customers to enhance their business immediately. As a rule, our customers either do mobile advertising themselves, or provide b-to-b marketing services via the mobile media. Our target customers consist of mobile operators, portals and service providers, advertisers, and media.

End-user requirements concerning privacy and security are respected in our applications. That is why our applications come with easy-to-use tools for meeting the privacy and security requirements. These tools make it easy for the service providers to build a trust relationship with their own customers.